Part of what makes it so difficult to determine whether a machine is conscious is we don’t even know what makes US conscious. And as Turing implied, we only determine other people are conscious because they appear to respond to the world the way WE respond to the world.

For all I really KNOW, the rest of you could be “philosophical zombies”... ;)

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Substack is charging you?

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Apr 19·edited Apr 19

is paid required for comments? Ah, I see it isn't.

There are SO MANY great Substack places. And for those of us on the classic "limited income" it actually becomes a financial burden pretty quickly. One poster I know of gives "scholarship memberships" if you can show him your financial situation. What I'd really like is a "reduced rate" for those such as I, who is both retired and supporting an adult disabled child, or perhaps supporting parents, or similar. It could be up to the "owner" of the Substack to decide the criteria, and then charge a smaller amount--maybe $25 a year--to those who meet the criteria. Even it is just the "free" content with the ability to comment--not all the other bells and whistles, it would be great.

Glad you are still allowing comments. Hope it keeps up. I really like the posts here. And I like being able to say why I like them.

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